David Silverberg

WHEREAS Southwest Florida has suffered from harmful algae blooms and red tide;
WHEREAS the Naples Press Club stands for press freedom and public access to all official meetings and actions affecting the health and wellbeing of Southwest Floridians;
WHEREAS the letter and intent of the Sunshine Law of Florida calls for press and public access to all official meetings in their entirety where decisions may be made;
WHEREAS the roundtable discussion of harmful algae blooms scheduled for Tuesday, May 7 at the Emergent Technology Institute of Florida Gulf Coast University by federal, state and local government officials is closed to the press and public;
WHEREAS the press and public of Southwest Florida have a vital interest in the issues and outcomes being considered in this roundtable meeting;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Naples Press Club, a non-profit, non-partisan organization that stands for freedom of the press and excellence in journalism, calls for the following:
  A) That organizers of this meeting should immediately open it to full, live coverage by the press and attendance by the public throughout its duration;
  B) That no future meeting of this sort attended by public officials and of vital interest to the press and public should be closed to the press and public;
  C) That the letter and spirit of the Florida Sunshine Law be obeyed;
  D) That it is vital to a democratic, constitutional society that First Amendment freedom of the press and full media access to critical government functions be upheld and the Naples Press Club is dedicated to those principles.

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